Friday, February 27, 2009

a view to a kill

this is on top of the building i live in. the trees in the back are alamo square...the full house park

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Full House

So driving thru TN was nice. Lots of different scenery. Memphis was prolly the trickiest driving area. Especially when the GPS lies! Arkansas was SOOOOOOO boring. The last 50 miles got somewhat picturesque. Oklahoma..not bad. I stopped at a tourst trap cause I saw a sign for buffalo burgers. Only they were being served at a really scary redneck buffet place...not the sort of place I felt like eating alone.
Driving thru TX was not too bad. New Mexico was by far my favorite. I have decided that if San Fran doesnt work out, I am going back to Albuquerque to live in a pueblo.
Arizona was strange. It was mountainous. It felt like Colorado should feel. There was snow everywhere. I was pretty sick of driving thru AZ. It took forever.
Driving thru CA was very nice. Lots of mandarin groves. almond orchards, sheep herds, cow pastures. Mountains in the back, rolling hills in the front. Sun peeking thru clouds. Not really a dull moment.
All in all, the drive was very easy. And then I got to San Fran and it was less easy. I am not especially fond of driving over bridges, so the bay bridge was not a picnic. However, it was night, and the lights from the city greeted me.
So now Im here. Lola is adjusting quite well, but the loud noises still scare her. Hopefully I will be here long enough for her to ignore them.
BTW Im living in Alamo Square. The area thats in the Full House opening credits. The row of houses is called the painted ladies. ( im not in any of those, but they are close by. Too bad Uncle Jesse isnt there!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yeah I messed with Texas!



New Mexico